6 Tips to Make Your Wedding Day Go Smoothly

While we don’t consider ourselves wedding planners by any means (we’ll leave that up to the professionals) we do have a timeline and things we need to get done to make sure the entire day runs according to plan. Here at Leah Marie Photography we do our very best to give tips, advice and worksheets so that you feel good about the day and that we have all the information we need. So today we are sharing some tips we give our brides on how to ensure the day goes smoothly!


Hair & Make-up:  You’re #1

Time and time again…we see our brides running HOURS late because their hair and make-up artist did them last.  You might be thinking “But won’t my makeup not look as good/fresh if I’m first?” The answer is not at all! If you hired a pro then he or she will be able to use products that will last all day and night long, through tears, laughs, drinks, cake, dancing and more!

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Have your hair and make-up artist do you first so that you are ready at least two hours before our start time.  Then you can sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself (aka sipping on some champagne)  while everyone else is getting done.  If time runs out, we can always start with pictures of you while missing a bridesmaid or two.

Start time:  Ready, Set, GO!

Although every timeline is different, we typically will need at least  2 hours before your ceremony and 1 hour after your ceremony to do portraits.  Those are the bare minimum times and if we get more…that’s great!!  For wedding parties of 8 or more…you’ll want to add at least 30 mins on each end.

Also, when we arrive for your start time- you and your bridesmaids should have hair and make-up completely done. Unless you have matching sweatsuits or robes, your bridesmaids should be completely dressed (including shoes).  Same for the guys.  Your groom and groomsmen should be completely ready and fully dressed.

Jim, Jack & Jose:  Meet up with them at the reception 

Your wedding day is a celebration!! And we want you all to have the time of your life.  BUT…when groomsmen, bridesmaids and even our bride and groom drink too much too soon, its a wedding day disaster.  Herding cats would be the proper metaphor for those situations and that just eats away at the time we have to do those fun/creative shots that you picked us for!!

Flowers: Bouquets and Boutonnieres

All your bouquets and boutonnieres should be there when we arrive 2 hours prior to your ceremony.  We can’t do pictures without them…so it’s important that they are ready to go.

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VIP’s:  Parents, siblings and the littles:

Have your immediate family there with you… both on your side and your groom’s side.  This would included parents and siblings only.  Your little ones- ring bearers and flower girls- can arrive later.  There is a lot of waiting around and if they are really young its sometimes better to let them arrive later and do pictures with them after the ceremony.

Details: Box It Up! 

As photographers we love detail shots. It let’s us capture the small things that make up your day, things that years down the road you might forget about like what your invitations looked like or what flowers the boutonnieres were.

For these shots it makes things a bajillion times easier on us and you if all the details (rings, shoes, garter, cuff links, tie, perfume, jewelry, veil, invitation suite, ring boxes, personalized hanger, any special trinkets or small details) that you want captured in a box, whether that’s a shoebox or plastic box totally up to you! It helps us so that we don’t have to bother you or your bridal party on where everything is located and can easily shoot them!

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We hope that these tips have been helpful for you on your big day and make things a little less stressful!

If you are newly engaged congratulations!! What an exciting time in you, your fiances and families lives! If you are looking for a wedding photographer we would love to chat with you about your upcoming wedding details! Click here to contact us.

What wedding day tips do you have? Share to all our brides and brides to be in the comments below!

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