Something’s Missing… {Kari + Derik, Wilson Creek Winery, Temecula Wedding Photographer}

Kari and Derik’s wedding day was absolutely beautiful!!  From their gorgeous outdoor ceremony overlooking the vineyards to the bridal party decor to her tablescapes. Everything was complete and nothing was missing unlike the day Derik proposed to Kari- where something was definitely missing.  Kari relates the story to us,

He asked me to pick him up after work at a friends house down in Sacramento. When I pulled up he was waiting outside with both of our suitcases packed. He told me we were going to get away for the night to celebrate our anniversary. After a few mysterious turns we ended up at a boutique hotel in Sacramento with views of the capitol called The Citizen. This was the first hotel we stayed at together when we were visiting our new city. He had a date night planned with me- beginning with shopping for a new outfit for dinner that night. He had done an excellent job packing my suitcase. We walked to a local mall, I bought a complete new outfit, we grabbed some drinks at happy hour and then headed back to the hotel to get ready for our dinner reservations at a fancy and delicious place specializing in Farm to Fork food called The Grange. Just as I finished getting ready, he looked at me and said, “You look beautiful, but somethings missing…” Next thing I knew he was down on his knees pulling out a beautiful ring.  

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Congratulations!!!  Thank you so much for having us share in your special day!!

Venue: Wilson CreekWinery

Florist: Lety Rodriguez

Hair and Make-Up: Amanda Fietz




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