Should I buy a wedding album?

The short answer to this often asked question is yes. You should definitely invest in a wedding album. Below we’ll get into our top 5 reasons to invest in your wedding album now.

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No. 1- Hard Drive

The number one reason is to make sure you get an album? Ensuring your photos don’t end up living on a hard drive. Ordering your album at the outset will guarantee your wedding pictures will be part of your home and a keepsake that you can look back at regularly.

No. 2- 1000’s of Images

It’s also the perfect way to highlight your favorite moments of your wedding day. Giving you the opportunity to choose your favorite 100 images that represent your wedding when your likely to have 1000+ digital negatives saved.

No. 3- Life Changes

We often hear couples say that they’ll get an album later but what we’ve found is that rarely happens. Opting “to wait until later”, means you are unlikely to splurge on your album. Justifying spending extra money on an album once you are looking at purchasing a home, or when you are preparing to have kids will be more difficult.

No. 4- History

Speaking of those kids in your future… purchasing an album gives your family and future generations, the ability to look back on your wedding day and relive your happy day with you.

No. 5- Album Special

FUN FACT! We are currently having an album special. Both former and current couples who purchase an album this month, May, will receive special pricing. Please contact us to learn more.

Sharing your wedding pictures digitally and on social media will be great in the months and weeks after you say “I do”, but as time moves on having a physical reminder of your wedding day will be more meaningful.

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