Blue skies.. smilin’ at me…{Photoshop Sky Tutorial}

The fabulous Callaway Winery… 20 minutes before sunset… overcast white sky… For a photographer this is NOT GOOD

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Bam!  Beautiful Blue Skies.

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Pretty cool eh? I Love Photoshop! Every day can be a beautiful day.

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

1.  Snag a stock image of a clear blue sky.  You can either take one yourself or purchase one from sites like iStockphoto.

2.  Open your image that needs to have blue sky added and pull your stock sky image on top of your original image as a new layer.

3.  Size the sky image so that it fits the width of your original image and adjust the opacity so that you can see the image beneath it.

4.  Using the eraser tool, erase all the areas of the original image that you do NOT need a sky added to (ie: the people and ground); zoom in for better results around people, faces and hair.  (this is where a Wacom Tablet comes in handy)

5.  Once you are finished…adjust your opacity and BAM!  Blue skies will be smilin’ at you too!

Happy Tuesday!

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